Cured Sinus & Irritated Skin

“TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom really improve my life!
I have not experienced sinus after taking TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom! And since then, I wake up without a blocked nose every mornings! What a great relief!
What a surprise TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom also cured my sensitive skin on my leg due to excessive sweating!”

Ng (28)

Relieved Asthma in Children

Cheah has suffered from asthma attack since he was 5 years old, experiencing asthma at least once a month. The condition worsened when there was air pollution, a common condition in our country. As a result, Cheah has to always bring along an inhaler with him.
Cheah tried taking TiGERUS TMM daily after his mum was introduced to the medicine. The frequency of asthma attack was greatly reduced and just about 6 months taking TiGERUS TMM, Cheah no longer suffered from asthma attacks!

Cheah (7)

Relieved Asthma & Sinusitis

“I have been suffering from asthma and sinusitis since childhood and I have to seek medical advices at least once a month because of my week respiratory system.
After trying TiGERUS TMM, my respiratory problems such as sensitive nose, flu, as well as cough were relieved. Asthma attacks were also greatly reduced and I feel more energetic now!
I no longer need to worry about going on winter vacations!”

Ng (30)

Relieved Rheumatoid Arthritis

Mr Omar have suffered from rheumotoid arthritis for more than 40 years. Besides, he is also suffering from enlarged prostate (BPH), bronchitis and chronic cough.

After a month taking Tiger Milk Mushroom, his joint pain was getting better and it was the very first time after 40 years that he can move around without feeling pain. Since then, I reduced the intake of western medicine for arthritis. Besides, my chronic cough was lessening and I didn’t suffer from breathing difficulties anymore!

Mr Omar (62)

Relieved Dry Cough

Seow has suffered from dry cough and phlegm problems since she was 3 months old. She could not sleep well at night because of wheezing, this has led to poor concentration and exhaustion during the day.

Seow’s mum mixed 1/4 of TIGERUS® TMM powder into milk formulation for Seow. After three days, her cough was getting better and she sleeps much better.

Seow is 3 years old now and free from coughs; what a relief !

Seow (3)

Mount Everest Expedition

Miss Ting (lecturer):
““I used to have chronic cough which last for months. I was even prescribed an inhaler to ease the coughs when I was pregnant.
After I started taking Tiger Milk Mushroom in year 2012, I have not experienced chronic cough anymore.
In 2013 and 2015, I went on climbing expeditions to Nepal where we hiked above 5,000m. As a preparation for this expedition, I took Tiger Milk Mushroom to ensure that I do not develop any respiratory symptoms during the hike!”

Miss Ting (40)

Lungs Cleansing (esp smokers)

“I am a regular smoker. Because of the unhealthy lifestyle, I suffered from dry cough, especially during the night. I felt that I can cough my lungs out, and it was definitely suffering!

During the initial stages of taking Tiger Milk Mushroom, I coughed more frequency than usual. But I got to know that it’s the natural healing process to clear the phlegm out from my lungs in order to strengthen the lungs.
After a few days, my dry cough was relieved and I feel much better and energetic!”

Mr. Chong (43)

Boost Stamina for Mt Kinabalu

“In the early of 2015, I went for a climbing expedition to Mount Kinabalu. During the few months of physical preparation, my friends and I took TiGERUS Tiger Milk Mushroom daily to improve stamina and vitality.
A strong respiratory system is required to counter exhaustion while climbing under cold weather, and TiGERUS Tiger Milk Mushroom certainly played a great role in improving our respiratory health. “

Miss Lim (30)

Relieved Joint Pains and Arthritis

“I have been suffering from arthritis for about 3 years. I took a lot of steroid-based medicine to relieve my joint pains but they did not work well and even caused my legs to become swollen!

Fortunately my friend recommended me TiGERUS Tiger Milk Mushroom. I consumed it for about 1.5 months. My swollen legs got better and the joint pains were less frequent. I went for medical check-up and my arthritis index was shown to be greatly reduced!

Thanks you TiGERUS TMM!”


Madam Xu (58)

Relieves Cough & Flu

Chia has suffered from persistent cough and flu due to his weak respiratory system.

Madam Chia was worried about his condition since he dislikes taking conventional Western or Chinese medicine which are often bitter.

Fortunately, Madam Chia was recommended by her friend to try TIGERUS® TMM.
She mixed TiGERUS TMM powder into the milk for Chia as TiGERUS® TMM is tasteless.

After three days of consumption, Chia’s cough and flu was cured totally!

Chia (3)