TIGERUS® TIGGY Cocoa Chewable Tablets


Serving Type: Tablets

Packaging Size:  500mg x 60 Tablets


  • Delicious with Cocoa taste, suitable for children
  • Support kids immunity and respiratory effectively
  • Strengthen bones health
  • Promote brains and cognition health
SKU: TT160

Product Description

Worry about your kids’ health in school? Want to boost your kids immunity? Now try TIGERUS® TIGGY Cocoa Tablets, a healthy tablet specially formulated for kids to boost immunity and respiratory. It is full of chocolate taste, so delicious that your kids will definitely crave for.



Cocoa powder, Malted powder (barley), Lactose (with milk), Tiger milk mushroom, Seaweed calcium, Colostrum (with milk), DHA (algae source).

Ingredient Function
Tiger Milk Mushroom Support respiratory health, Relieve inflammation, Enhance immune system
Seaweed Calcium Strengthen bones health
Colostrum Support Immunity
DHA Promote brains and cognition health


How to Take
Chew 2 tablets, 1-2 times daily. Chew properly before swallow.


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