TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom Tea


Serving Type: Teabag

Packaging Size: 15 Teabags


  • Fight fatigue and restore energy
  • Quick boost of immunity, prevent from cold
  • Support for respiratory and immunity health
  • Daily healthy functional drink

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A perfect balance of Tiger Milk Mushroom infusion with 6 well-known traditional remedies: Ling Zhi, Liquorice Root, Chrysanthemum, Dried Mandarin Peel, Snow Fungus, Mint, packaged in small exquisite food-grade nylon sachet. Specially formulated by traditional doctor for quick boost of immunity prevent you from catching cold.



Ingredient Function
Tiger Milk Mushroom Support respiratory health, Relieve inflammation, Enhance immune system
Liquorice Root Boosting Detoxification of body, Ease congestion and cough while expelling phlegm
Chrysanthemum As natural coolant, Improve liver detoxification while Rejuvenating brain
Ling Zhi Protect and Activate liver detoxification, Strengthen immune system, Improve metabolism and circulatory system
Dried Mandarin Peel Soothe your lungs and relieve cough, Regulate and strengthen digestion
Snow Fungus Modulate respiratory system while Facilitating digestion
Mint Alleviate body temperature rises, Quick relief of cold and headache


How to Take

With 1 sachet for each times of consumption, put the sachet into a cup, steep and infuse into boiling water for 5 minutes and enjoy your aromatic tea. You may serve with appropriate amount of honey, sugar or lemon to your taste. Tea bag can be brewed repeatedly until tasteless.

Cold and flu could also be relieved quickly by consuming one tea bag every morning while served in hot.


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