Tiger Milk Mushroom: The Malaysia National Treasure

A miracle mushroom that has been used for over 400 years in Malaysia, often hailed for its effectiveness in supporting respiratory and immunity health. Legend describe that it is formed by the milk of tigress dripping on the ground while feeding the cubs.

Over years of research, Tiger Milk Mushroom has been proven to support respiratory health, immunity, improve stamina & vitality, restore energy, support joint health  & healthy aging. Symptoms and root causes are addressed via the mechanism of ‘cleansing, regulating, restoring, and protecting”.These health benefits are attributed to its anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulating, anti-oxidant, anti-allergy and anti-asthmatic properties.

Now, you can enjoy the miraculous effect of Tiger Milk Mushroom with TIGERUS® , within a capsule, tea infusion or just chew the tablets.

TIGERUS® Products

TIGERUS® is a premium line of medicinal mushroom based Health & Wellness Essentials. It is controlled stringently for the quality while being certified by authority.

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